Kim Fransman

I currently work at DARESAY as a Developer.
When I'm thinking in code, my go to language is Ruby, and I have a decent understanding of what this is in Ecmascript.

Beside my passion for clean code and functional design I love golf, and keep track of my stats at

I use this project as my learning tool, so the backend have up to this date been rewritten in 14 different languages/frameworks, and the two clients (frontend + stats-gatherer) have around 10 different incarnations as either Progressive Web Apps or native mobile applications.
Right now the mobile app is written in React Native, with a Golang backend using GraphQL. You can find the source for these projects (and other open source stuff I've done) at my Github.

If you want to connect with me, hit me up on Twitter (@kimfransman) or Linkedin. Sometimes I also play with design and post stuff to Dribbble

Have a wonderful day!